Saturday, November 10, 2007

newest stash

newest stash
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i already have orders for green and/or red aprons from the girls at work! yipee! the only little problem is that i slept just 4 hours today. then tiffany wanted to go see The Bee Movie @ 4:15 in Lisbon Landing. long story short is i'm pooped and all i managed to do was make some homemade mac n cheese and then cut out 1.5 aprons.

i adjusted the shapes of the pieces a little. side panels are more generous, and longer. the center panel is longer and has a rounded bottom. i'm going to put black rickrack along the bottom center panel (made with the red and white peppermint stripe fabric in the pic). then at the top of the bib i will add snow white eyelet instead of gingham ruffles.

i got 0.5yards of the center panel fabrics and it looks like it will be exactly enough. somehow i need to figure out the total amount of fabric i need for the black panels. it's near to 0.66yards.

also, it's important for me to figure out a way to finish all the seams if i'm going to be charging for it.

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