Thursday, November 01, 2007

mod dress size 6

mod dress size 6
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yesterday was spent working on a size 6 girls mod princess cut dress. i got a mod looking fabric from joann's. the only part i struggled with was the facing for the neck and arm holes because i forgot to clip the curved seam allowance. putting a zipper in correctly is still a challenge but i'm getting better. i realized that i sewed the collar on wrong. so i fixed that. i'll be able to put it on for 22.00 and if i don't sell it i'll give it to my friend Iris. she has 3 little girls.

so i'm wondering today: is it normal for me to go back and totally rip out stuff, redo it until it's perfect now when that has NOT been my habit with crafts in the past. what changed? what has caused me to be more patient and methodical about fixing my mistakes? does this happen to everyone that sticks with an artsy hobby?

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