Friday, February 29, 2008


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Sitting on the fence today: do I tell my Boss Lady that I am really put off by being denied a basic, ordinary 32hr/week job with health insurance because YET AGAIN other nurses 'need' not only to have a full time job, but OVERTIME to boot?


Do I sit, patiently, and wait for unknown entities to act, and for all things silent to my own ears to be said, outworkings unfolding, until I have just the basic 32hr/week job to keep me from becoming homeless?

I didn't even have a regular job at all before this. Now at least I know I will have 2 or 3 days a week to bank on. Then again, I was hired for a 32hr/week position on 2nd shift and no one in authority has told me otherwise.

My gut tells me they're trying to force someone out of a job and they're using me as the excuse.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

cupcake meetup ny baby!

So I joined the New York City Cupcakes take the Cake Meetup group!!!! Here's the page. This is going to be my reward once I've seen some results from lifestyle changes. With my work schedule I'll probably be working for at least half of the dates, but then again, it IS a cupcake meetup group so I really don't plan on going every single time anyway.

Monday, February 25, 2008

lamps pair

lamps pair
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There is one burning question, one thing I am dying to know more than anything else right now.

Do you think that Mark and Ollie from the Mek show are a couple?

Not that I would ever have a chance with either of them even if I was the last woman on the face of the earth. Well I take that back. Maybe if I was the last woman, and they were straight... oh nevermind. Who am I fooling? That situation would just turn them gay anyway.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


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Right now I am sooo busted.

cuz I feel alot better, and I was rocking out to Hawaii 5-0 on my blog.........

(wagging my head and various body parts bouncing wildly, you get the picture)

and my daughter and oldest son came back from going to the store to get me some 'sick stuff' for my affliction. They just looked at me.

Now I'm listening to 'Send in the Clowns'.


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O .. almost forgot. Looky at how nice this Morgan Street soap is. I got it from etsy. It smells like you could eat it, and the lather is good too. This is cheering me up alot, considering how much I am washing my hands so far today (see previous post about frequent toileting).


everything hurts. bathroom 4 times in the last hour. miserable, but not totally dying so I am still awake and thinking about the income i am NOT making today.

these babushkas are going to inspire me when i feel better, i just know it. love the colors and love their pretty faces.

Friday, February 22, 2008

snowy storm

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we're all getting cabin fever now. this morning it was exciting to see the storm blowing flakes around, and to read all the cancellations on the tv screen. but tonight, i actually rode the short distance to the package store to get a bottle of wine, just for something to do.

to anyone that knows me, that's odd behavior. i rarely remember to go to the packy, and i don't normally go out after 7 pm. i was just driven to it by the cabin fever, for goodness sake!

looking at the sunrays streaming in on the white vase and sparkley roses makes me feel a little more cheerful. still, there's no ambition to do anything. times like these i really wish i lived in nyc.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vintage Calico 4 Pocket Apron

This is a story about Coquet and Bronco:

From space, the earth is seen in the loveliest shades of blue, with swirling white clouds, and surrounded by starlit blackness. That same blue is in Coquet’s eyes. Her hair is deep black, with loose curls and plenty of shine, worn like a halo around her pretty, neat head. Her blue eyes were a gift from her father. Leo Cache couldn’t leave much behind for his family when he died unexpectedly at 55, so Coquet was grateful for what she had. “Fortunes can be squandered, belongings can be lost, but her father’s eyes would be with her forever,” Clementine would say more than once.

Looking up from Earth, the moon is the perfect sugar-coated night light for children (or the occasional adult) who are afraid of monsters under their beds. For Coquet, a milky pattern on the bedroom floor, a moonbeam resting a loved one’s shoulder blade, or just the quieting effect the Moon has on colors, these are all reminders of how Clementine brings that same comfort to her daughter, as a friend and beacon.

Unlike either of her parents, Coquet uses parenthesis in her own diary. She laughs when she is alone watching The Princess Bride for the bazillionth time, builds all her own Ikea furniture and cuts her own hair. She makes her own bed and washes up her own dinner dishes. She is what her online profile simply states that she is: happily single.

“When you find yourself happily single is probably the very best time to meet your future husband,” stated Claire. “Because that’s when you’re able to bring the most to the union.” Coquet poured two glasses of water. Without looking at her sister, Coquet said “The most what?”
“The most of... The best. You know, the biggest and best I guess, of everything.”
“The biggest piece, of everything? And What exactly do I do with the biggest piece? Do I have to share? What about my ‘future husband’s piece’?” They smiled together, carried plates of homemade coleslaw with pineapple, white raisins and chunky walnuts over to the couch, and chewed. She loved the texture of it. Coquet’s mind wandered while her sister made the occasional satisfied sound. She remembered being a girl at her aunt Mary's house, eating homemade cakes with raisins and walnuts, and drizzles of honey. She always got the biggest pieces back then. She and Claire were instructed to visit Old Aunt Mary from time to time, and they grudgingly obeyed. The two girls walking across a wide lawn and a very quiet street would speculate on what kind of home made treat would be waiting, making the trip less of a chore.

Old Aunt Mary was widowed, and lived alone on 3 acres of rich soil in a tiny two bedroom ranch with a crumbless, loveless kitchen. Everyone used the side door, as the front door was for strangers. When the girls came inside, they were always encouraged to eat, and Coquet always got the biggest piece of everything, because she was the eldest. The food was always fine, but the experience was always awful. Old Aunt Mary always made things from the garden, from scratch, and served them with gnarled, leathery hands. Then she watched with icy grey eyes as the younger compared her portion to that of her sister’s. The two girls ate because it was good and it was the only time Old aunt Mary’s eyes warmed up a bit.

Aunt Mary’s face was lean and drawn. She had a noticable scar on her straight nose, and wavey blue-gray hair. Her day consisted mainly of cleaning an already spotless house, and pulling fresh vegetables and fruit from her yard, and then cooking it up for no one in particular. She fried squash blossoms, she baked apple pies, she cleaned, she put on the worn house dress and frayed, patterned apron and little earrings every day, but got no real pleasure until she saw someone else eating at her table. And then just like that, she was ready for the girls to go. Coquet and Claire didn’t need to be told twice. They knew she never liked either of them. And usually, by the time they were finished, the hard vinyl chair seats were pinching and tugging at their legs.

The 15 minute walk back to their Grandmother’s house was enough time for them to be rid of the lingering resentment, form ranks against the grown ups, and be best friends again. They took their time getting down the curved and overgrown dirt driveway. Mother warned them not to walk in the middle of it, someone might be coming down quickly and run them over for goodness sakes. In all the years and all the walks, that had never happened. The closest they came to getting hurt by a car was when they climbed into the old Rambler that was decaying 200 feet away from the driveway. Grandfather caught them, and they knew the only sensible thing to do was cry and run and cry some more. When they had the courage to return to the house, Mother was composed, but the look on her face spoke to them of disappointment and shame in front of her own parents.

Coquet looked across at her still-best-friend and sister. She noticed that Claire looked more like their Dad, and was sounding more and more like Clemmy lately.

Claire asked a question, while picking up the phone, and the sound of her voice brought Coquet back. She noticed the quality and slant of light on the wooden floor, and realized it was getting late. The game would be starting soon. She needed her hat and glove, but they were home. Scooting out the door, she yelled ‘later tater’ over her shoulder. Claire was busy with a phone call and waved to the unseeing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

this is gonna hurt!

I got a few gorgeous items today, and listed them for a pittance in my etsy shop, and it's killing me!

"why" you ask?

Because I wanna keep 'em. Really really bad. Look how pretty! And there's more but let's just not dwell, shall we?

Today was a total wash, anyway. I didn't sleep last night courtesy of the "idiot upstairs neighbors"TM and then missed morning worship, then.. drove 20 minutes to work to find out that I was not scheduled to come in. Ugh. Slap my mamma and call me Scarlett! You get the picture. Thank goodness I have my kids, and my health sort of, and the basics for today.

It could be worse.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

WGBH Brass Sisters

Brass Sisters cooking show on WGBH is just a hoot! They have delicious recipes on the website too. I can't wait to try the brownies and meatloaf.

The girls remind me of my aunties. Except my aunties are much less polite and complimentary. They get along a little less easily. They're less quiet, and they have less dexterity also. And less patience with eath other......... actually they're nothing like my aunties. Maybe that's why I enjoyed the show so much.

O Lord, give me strength.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

tilda horse

tilda horse
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Even though I'm no Susan Ferraro, I can feel good about my Tilda horse. This is the very first softy I've ever made, and I like her. But why? She's not perfect.... she's really just cozy looking at best.....hmm

....wild red hair that never sees a hair brush, and lumpy, with a taste for pretty pink florals.... hmm, sounds familiar somehow. Anyway she's finished, and she's jolly good fun.

Owl tea towel Give Away

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Happy Blog-iversary to meeeeee! In honor of my 2nd anniversary, I'm going to celebrate by giving away this handy, stylish, 100% linen tea towel with the much coveted owls on it.

So, leave a comment, and on March 13th I will put each and every person's comment in a 'random comment selector' to determine the winner.

Juss my way of enjoying the wonder that is blogging.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

sweet vintage set of 4 tea cups and saucers with creamer

So, how is THIS fair? I mean, not only are Flyball bags by Diana Coatsworth superkali-fragilistic, but there's even the loveliest blue and turq tea set with gorgeous blue rose buds on them at her beckon call!

This could almost make a girl turn green. But I'm watching An Affair to Remember on TCM and so I'll be magnanimous, simply saying "well done dear girl. well done," for now. (ha! find that in a TCM 2008 dvd movie catalog, Diana Coatsworth!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

deal breaker?

Most often, we use the example of finding one needle in a haystack to illustrate that special, rare case among mediocraty... and the effort needed to find it. This is how I think of my facility... the one I may need to leave for good. The one it took me ten years and 8 different jobs to find. And more than only one, in fact 'one hundred' fantastic, caring, capable certified nurses aides all in one place, under one roof. We joke and call it the mystical manor, but really it isn't mystical at all. It's a place with many consciencious caring workers. It defies the '20% of people doing 80% of the work' rule... flips it around, and truely there are very few who don't pull their weight.

Everwhere else I go, I am doing good to see one or two in the entire place, all 3 shifts combined. Please don't get me started on why things are this way, or what can be done about it. My official statement on THAT is: "You can't handle the truth."

So, I was informed that I cannot work at my old facility per diem (where I have 3 years invested) any more if I accept the job at the sister facility due to possible incurring of the dreaded OVERTIME.

And my car is still sitting across town, waiting for a 'precat'. Whatever.

Monday, February 11, 2008

addicted to love

addicted to love
Originally uploaded by bitzi LOVE???????? Well,of course not.

But I am certainly dependant on otc allergy pills and don't I know it. Today, I just feel icky and it's because I didn't take one. I also didn't take a vitamin B or an herbal supplement. *yawn* It's 5:11 pm and I never really did wake up yet. Sure I had coffee. Alot. And breakfast and lunch. And a nap.

My car isn;t back from the shop, by the way. They've had it since Thursday 11 a.m. So that means I can't go to my first day of orientation at my new job. Yes, I can't frikkin' believe it either.
*****update**** I actually was able to borrow Cara's VW and make it to orientation in plenty of time. Not going to start complaining right here and now, but let's just say that I got some deal breaker news today. More later.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

PBS African American Lives

What would I do without public television? The show about the histories of famous African-American people gets better and better with each segment!

Learning something about each personal heritage, and such a rich poignient heritage these famous people have, seems to give hope as well as perspective and even a little more humility than before. Sharing in this unfolding of facts and the heart felt reaction to this is indeed edifying. WTG pbs!

new beginning

During the spring/summer of 2002 I worked in a nursing home that was going through reconstruction and remodeling. Trust me when I say I was not a slouch, nor was I a newbie. Bottom line is that when I worked there, I was coming home and crawling into bed at 6:30 pm every night because of the stress to body and mind.

Fast forward to Mrrch 2007. Unemployed again, but working per diem part time. It has taken me until now, February 2008 to find a perm. position, but find one I did indeed. In the same place. (one of the doctors who worked there long ago nicknamed it 'the porthole to hell'. Heh.) Not sure who was more despirate, me or the facility. I held out for the pay I wanted and got it, plus the place is closer to home.

Surely I will post again about this new job, and complain and rant and still feel horrible but at least for a few days I feel relieved to know there will be steady income and health INSURANCE.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

madeline and me

madeline and me
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Madeline always looks so fantastic...Actually, she 'is' a fantastic woman. If I could only have one picture with one friend, I think this would be it. She really listens, and understands, so I had to smile when she took a photo with me. Also, I had on a super fav top/jacket combo that day, so yet another reason to be in a good mood.

Half of my length of hair has been blunt cut so that now it's a long page boy basically. I still have the bangs, and it's still auburnish, oh and I still have the double chin too.

This spring I have to shape up and exercise on a reg. basis. The job is taking a huge toll on me, not to mention years adding up all the time. I don't need weight watcher-type lectures. I don't need lists of food to choose from. I need to find a way to banish the guilty feeling whenever I take care of myself. Yep. Me and a billion other women.

Well, that's it for now. I need to make up my mind about a certain job offer and call the HR lady back with my decision.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Funny beggar

Funny beggar
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I've never given spare change to beggers in my life, but I would have to give this guy a buck just for making me laugh.

giants vs. pats

Well, I'm actually watching the game and I still can't decide who to root for. Can I root for a commentator?


He's so dern cute. Tom Petty, not so much.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

fun project

fun project
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Today's fun project: retro apron, home-made gingham bias tape. This particular pattern was hands down THE MOST FUN for me to make.

Aside from making the binding, there's really no ironing and folding of hems etc. This one has no pockets, but I don't mind as I don't use them in my aprons. There is alot of pinning, trimming back of the seam allowance after your sew, too. There will be more of these, for sure.

I also made some bread today. When it rose, I added cinnamon sugar to the top and then baked it after the 2nd rise. Yum. here's another view =)

hippie style apron

hippie style apron
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This is the 'and me' part of a hippie style mommy-n-me apron set. The other one will have eyelet accents as well, to suggest the classic white eyelet peasant blouse that was a necessary part of the hippiedippy look. Heck, throw in some earth shoes, and a hemp necklace... turn on some Steely Dan, and you're ready to skip school for a day of cool.

Friday, February 01, 2008

tilda with a twist

tilda with a twist
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I picked up a completely nifty little bag for Tiffany @ TJMaxx one day. It was white cloth, with 'black graffiti' designs, silver leather and chain accents, and it was 59.00 and I was SURE she would like it.

Two years later, I can honestly say I have never seen her use it, and she tells me that her friend Izzy has it. Because, it's 'soooo Izzy."

Izzy's parents are loaded. I, on the other hand, am not. So, when Tiffany volunteered one day, "you know, if you took those bamboo handles and that vintage flowery fabric and made a purse of it, I would really use it," I decided to forget about the graffiti purse incident and make it for her.

Done. *o and it has snazzy sapphire blue lining*

What's the story?

During the past 46 years, I've lived in Connecticut. I've traveled up and around the U.S. and to Puerto Rico, and loved every minute. I've had 4 children who are now fantastically talented adult artists and comedians. I've been married and then divorced and then engaged and then single and finally *big sigh* content. I've grown into a darn good nurse, cook, seamstress, and Mom.

Maybe one of these days I'll get this 'writing' thing down, too.

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