Sunday, November 11, 2007

craving for nyc living

i dunno why but i have been wanting so badly to move to nyc lately. in 2002 or 03 my cousin left there and moved from her NICE rent controlled 3br apt. in bronx to sobe miami.. meaning i have no family there. why do i just want so very much to say that for a little while at least i had a nyc address and life?

maybe my mother's heart is breaking to go back there, but she can't ever go back, so i am having sympathy cravings in her place. she only ever loved it there. even bartending at Lamps' during the late 40's wasn't as much fun as parts of her youth in brooklyn.

what i know is:

only emotionally grown up people move from here to nyc.

and.. now all my kids are over 18. now i can't avoid being a grown up any longer, so if i must be grown, let me live with the other grown up people.

monday i will find out about a new york state nursing lic. and email my cousin, who is trying to dump her expensive sobe condo and come back to connecticut with the baby.

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During the past 46 years, I've lived in Connecticut. I've traveled up and around the U.S. and to Puerto Rico, and loved every minute. I've had 4 children who are now fantastically talented adult artists and comedians. I've been married and then divorced and then engaged and then single and finally *big sigh* content. I've grown into a darn good nurse, cook, seamstress, and Mom.

Maybe one of these days I'll get this 'writing' thing down, too.

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