Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bird with Nest Quilt

Bird with Nest Quilt
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this has inspired me to cut a scene from my favorite toile fabric and sew it onto my next pink quilt-y comissioned bag on Saturday.

there are many MANY flowers, and a man holding a fishing net, and so much more.... i also have other pink fabrics that i didn't incorporate in my original design, but that i am dying to use ...

now a days when i go to sleep, i just have to let my mind wander to imagining what my next sewing project will be like and i get so happy and cozy that i fall asleep before i finish planning it.

*yawn* good night.

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Sugarshop (Dena Rooney-Berg) said...

Oooh I'm lov'en that quilt. Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I found your lovely blog. Love the pink bag too!

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