Friday, November 30, 2007


have you ever taken someone's sewing and made a boo-boo? I just did.

First of all I wanted to be sick. Right there where I was standing. Then... well, after checking the clock, I got my coat on and drove to the store praying I could find another identical pair of jeans to replace the ones I cut too short.

Lesson learned: measure three times, cut once. After being awake and AWARE for at least half an hour. And two cups of coffee and a shower. No more sleep-sewing.

Actually, I found that the jeans she bought were 'tall' so I got an identical pair of 'regular' jeans and will see if she even realizes that they're a different jean. Knowing my friend, she didn't even see that the style she chose comes in tall, reg. and short. If she in fact DOES realize they're a different pair, I'll give her the money for the jeans and call it a day.

I guess it oould be worse. They could have been 150 dollar designer jeans.

pink stuff

pink stuff
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here is most of the fabric for my next bag. there will be eyelet and appy's as well. hope for a wicked snowstorm on sunday.... i'll be "stuck" at home, sewing like a mad woman.

... as long as we have power. so maybe we'll hope for just a normal snowstorm.. ahem.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bird with Nest Quilt

Bird with Nest Quilt
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this has inspired me to cut a scene from my favorite toile fabric and sew it onto my next pink quilt-y comissioned bag on Saturday.

there are many MANY flowers, and a man holding a fishing net, and so much more.... i also have other pink fabrics that i didn't incorporate in my original design, but that i am dying to use ...

now a days when i go to sleep, i just have to let my mind wander to imagining what my next sewing project will be like and i get so happy and cozy that i fall asleep before i finish planning it.

*yawn* good night.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

eyelet detail

eyelet detail
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after completing a bag without a pattern, it's apparent to me that i need to get at least one patterned bag under my belt so that i will be able to know the basic supplies, notions etc.

in this case i used the plastic square webbing, and it has added more weight and stiffness than really necessary.

off to find a good totebag pattern.....

back side bag

back side bag
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it took me a better part of a day to make this. i don't want to sell it as it's come out so pretty. adding an interior zip pocket was SUPRISINGLY easy!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

going faster

nowadays i am going thru projects alot faster than ever. why? partly b/c i am trying to get things made and delivered in a timely manner. ideas are also flowing easier too. i saw a man's land end shirt in red plaid and then a few minutes later a woman's silky nightgown, in a red and black sexy floral. when i got them home i realized i could use them together. the plaid looks like taffeta and the nightgown is silky, sorta. it might work.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jewelry Case

Jewelry Case
Originally uploaded by Courtney Burch
here is a great source of inspiration for making my friend a make up case!

zip bags on vint tc

zip bags on vint tc
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here are my little zippy bags, as promised. one is square with an olive green zipper and one is a flat bottomed pouch with a hot pink zipper.

the embroidered tablecloth was a project my aunt mary handed to me when i was 14. i can't believe that after 2 dozen moves and 4 kids, i still have it. it's stained and falling apart, so i will need to transform it soon... perhaps into a tote bag?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Market Tote Bag with Tracy Porter Fabric

you know, if i was a wallet, i would ask this tote bag to marry me.


Originally uploaded by bunnyhop
glory be! i just about can't stand it!!! good on ya bunnyhop over @ flickr.

Friday, November 16, 2007

serious zip bag

serious zip bag
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so, here's the little trouble maker. the fabric under it is headed for the same fate. Muhaha!

to excited to sleep

the best thing about today was finding out that Cara will be allowed to substitute for the teachers aides at the magnet school from now on. YAY! yet another reason to be proud of her. :) confirmed my fear... i can NOT sew during the day before i am going to work third shift.

after making a quick trip to new london (Cara needed items that she forgot here at home, so i brought them to her job) i came straight home and began sewing up a demo makeup zip bag to bring to work this evening. it looks great. earthy tone geometric on the outside and rootbeer floats and sundeas on the cotton liner fabric inside. no pattern, just the tutorial i saw a link to @ flickr. this one is nice and formed/firm cuz i used stiff sew-in bonding. and now i'm not tired. even after a big bowl full of beef barley stew.

i'll have to stick to housework and errends before night shift. color me disappointed.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

so nice

Hi Pam,

We'll be announcing the winners later this week, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for submitting your awesome apron! (And your daughter for modeling :-) We're overwhelmed with the response to the contest; it's fantastic that the apron is enjoying such a renaissance...


How nice! And not even a form letter. This made my day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

what a baby sees

what a baby sees
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here is what baby Gia sees when i oogley oggily all over her little head. no wonder she laffs.

"oh yes, today is a holiday"

investigating apartments and my ny lic will had to wait. yesterday was a holiday. no answers. the day wasn't a total waste. i made a plastic covered square zip bag, with underwater scene fabric. it looks like a little aquarium. then i folded and inserted a pretty aqua and sealife pattern stretch baby blanket, and it is waiting to go to miami, for Gia. my guess is she will bite it, and missy can wipe it off with disinfectant wipes.

right now i guess the best thing would be to make arrangements to rent an apartment for a week in nyc. craigslist and tripadvisor will assist. maybe in april?

Monday, November 12, 2007

peppermint patty

peppermint patty
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Cara looks great no matter what, so i think she will be my officially modeler of things made by me.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

craving for nyc living

i dunno why but i have been wanting so badly to move to nyc lately. in 2002 or 03 my cousin left there and moved from her NICE rent controlled 3br apt. in bronx to sobe miami.. meaning i have no family there. why do i just want so very much to say that for a little while at least i had a nyc address and life?

maybe my mother's heart is breaking to go back there, but she can't ever go back, so i am having sympathy cravings in her place. she only ever loved it there. even bartending at Lamps' during the late 40's wasn't as much fun as parts of her youth in brooklyn.

what i know is:

only emotionally grown up people move from here to nyc.

and.. now all my kids are over 18. now i can't avoid being a grown up any longer, so if i must be grown, let me live with the other grown up people.

monday i will find out about a new york state nursing lic. and email my cousin, who is trying to dump her expensive sobe condo and come back to connecticut with the baby.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

newest stash

newest stash
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i already have orders for green and/or red aprons from the girls at work! yipee! the only little problem is that i slept just 4 hours today. then tiffany wanted to go see The Bee Movie @ 4:15 in Lisbon Landing. long story short is i'm pooped and all i managed to do was make some homemade mac n cheese and then cut out 1.5 aprons.

i adjusted the shapes of the pieces a little. side panels are more generous, and longer. the center panel is longer and has a rounded bottom. i'm going to put black rickrack along the bottom center panel (made with the red and white peppermint stripe fabric in the pic). then at the top of the bib i will add snow white eyelet instead of gingham ruffles.

i got 0.5yards of the center panel fabrics and it looks like it will be exactly enough. somehow i need to figure out the total amount of fabric i need for the black panels. it's near to 0.66yards.

also, it's important for me to figure out a way to finish all the seams if i'm going to be charging for it.

Friday, November 09, 2007

tiffany in apron

tiffany in apron
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here's my girl looking too cute in my craftzine apron. it's fairly simple, could be worn by any age and original. i will DEFINATELY be making more like it. Tiffany can look adorable in a brown paper bag. *love love love* my littlest girl.


Originally uploaded by mobyclick
you see the bottom of an apron i am nearly done making. i tried the simple beginning lessons for 'making a pattern' from my new book 'making sewing patterns' and so far so good. i wanted it to have a country french feel and i think it sorta does.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

apron contest 11/12/07

from the blog apron contest article:

"know there are lots of wonderful homemade aprons out there, and we want to see them. Taunton books has generously offered a copy of Prairie Girl to each of the five winners, and we'll be featuring the aprons in the Curio section of the next issue of CRAFT. Send photographs of the aprons you've been working on to curio[at]craftzine[dot]com by November 12th. (Be sure to include your website or Etsy shop!)"

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

november BOM

november BOM
Originally uploaded by sunshine's creations
as a lover of all things black and red (and tan) today I am going to give this a whirl.... *ahem* a spin.... *ahem ahem* a shot. There.

Monday, November 05, 2007

pin cushion tut

make a pincushion out of a ittle bit of your favorite ever fabric. it will be around for eeevveerrr.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

tuckered right the heck out

majorly exhausted after doing the work of 2 people literally. need rest. will sew and post some time later this week. added more to the cache, ordered japanese fabric and retro kiddie prints. fun will indeed be had by me eventually, perhaps on the 12th. better go to bed before i order some of those sparkley things on hsn.

sunday mornings

when i signed up to work the overnights every Friday and then back to work 8 hours later every Saturday afternoon, etc. I wasn't sure how it would turn out. being totally exhausted was never fun, back when I worked this way alot, nor is the idea of it attractive now. burning eyes, slight headache, that strung out feeling, quite unpleasant. but... i'm glad i tried it. every sunday morning feels like a wonderful gift, and my days off are stuck together so that i am truely READY to get back to work on friday. win/win situ. now, for another cup of coffee before i have to shower and git.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

american masters

while watching the show about Charles Schultz, i suddenly remembered that my Mom said she didn't think he was a very nice man. she expressed this by pulling a face, not by directly stating her reason at that time. by the end of the show, i realized she might have been right. the only thing she said about it was "he never let's Charlie kick the football."
Ruffle Apron *from meganmoore's blog*

You will need the following fabric:

(1) 15 1/2" x 20 1/2" piece of fabric for the back of the apron- Piece A
(4) 6 1/2" x 33 1'/2" pieces of fabric for the ruffles- Piece B
(2) 4 1/2" x 24 1/2" pieces of fabric for the apron strings- Piece C
(1) 4 1/2" x 20 1/2" piece of fabric for the band- Piece D


Make a 1/4" hem by folding under 1/4" of the fabric and then folding over again, enclosing all raw edges of piece "A", iron under 1/4" on all sides and stitch.

"B" Pieces- Hem the same way on the two short sides and one long side, leaving one 33" side unsewn. Repeat with all 4 pieces.

Working on the right side of the fabric, using long machine stitches, stitch along the unsewn side at 1/4" and again 1/8" in seam allowance. Pull threads to adjust gathers. Starting on the bottom, pin the top edge of the ruffle to the wrong side of the fabric on piece "A" at about 1" up from the bottom. Wrap the gathering threads around the pin. Adjust gathers to fit across and pin piece down on opposite side. Stitch over the gathers to keep in place.

Sew the next ruffle ("B") to piece "A" about 4 1/2" above the top of the previously sewn ruffle, making sure the top ruffles overlaps the bottom ruffle by about an inch. Repeat with remaining ruffles.

Once the ruffles are sewn on, you should have about 1 1/2" of piece "A" left at the top.

mod dress size 6

mod dress size 6
Originally uploaded by mobyclick
yesterday was spent working on a size 6 girls mod princess cut dress. i got a mod looking fabric from joann's. the only part i struggled with was the facing for the neck and arm holes because i forgot to clip the curved seam allowance. putting a zipper in correctly is still a challenge but i'm getting better. i realized that i sewed the collar on wrong. so i fixed that. i'll be able to put it on for 22.00 and if i don't sell it i'll give it to my friend Iris. she has 3 little girls.

so i'm wondering today: is it normal for me to go back and totally rip out stuff, redo it until it's perfect now when that has NOT been my habit with crafts in the past. what changed? what has caused me to be more patient and methodical about fixing my mistakes? does this happen to everyone that sticks with an artsy hobby?

What's the story?

During the past 46 years, I've lived in Connecticut. I've traveled up and around the U.S. and to Puerto Rico, and loved every minute. I've had 4 children who are now fantastically talented adult artists and comedians. I've been married and then divorced and then engaged and then single and finally *big sigh* content. I've grown into a darn good nurse, cook, seamstress, and Mom.

Maybe one of these days I'll get this 'writing' thing down, too.

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