Thursday, July 24, 2008


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Have you seen the commercial for the newest Kevin Costner movie? My favorite line from the previews is when one of the politicians says:

"If you knew my Mother you would understand."

That line totally is something I would jokingly say about my Mom. People who know us, know that we raise our voices and really just speak our minds without being cruel. Sometimes people step slowly and carefully away when we get started. Apparely they've never just said what they are thinking without reservation, knowing full well that their family member will forgive them and love them anyway.

So, I can joke with a clear conscience. She can complain about me to her hearts content, and it's ok. I couldn't love her more, regardless.

Now she lives in Mystic Manor. I feel good about her being there, and she really seems to be content there. Her health is 100% better, she sees us more often, it's become the silver lining, that's what I think.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

collision course

This afternoon I was driving along in Groton. For those classic novel readers out there (o who am I kidding, classic novel readers aren't really visitin' this here blog now are they?) Groton is a place where part of the story of East of Eden takes place. The part where an evil young woman meets a very mean hard working man and they couple secretly, as the man's brother is made a complete fool of.

I don't know where I was going with that... you see, as I was driving I realized that I am having 2 of life's biggest most stressful events taking place concurrantly and it's ... well *whining* ittttts haaaarrrddd!

Mom is not doing well. Wish I could say more, but we never convinced her to give us power of attorney so now we are told nothing. Zilch. Zip. I just know that she's much MUCH more confused, and when I tried to spend a little time with her today, the tech was in process of wheeling her down for a CT scan. She's been having 'seizure' type activity several times a day. Last night she had another one and then ripped off the leads and pulled out her iv. Now she has a full time sitter until the seizures stop.

She has a benign brain tumor. It's been there for over 20 years, but it's just now finally gotten big enough to affect her health. She's also been diabetic for over 20 years. For anyone in health care, you know that adds up to a grim outlook.

I just don't want her to be in pain.

And as far as the house goes, I found out that there's alot of drug activity across the street from a guy I work with. His brother lives in the apartment building directly next door to the house. I'm sure he's right. So now I have cold feet. Don't get me wrong, I've lived across the street from drug dealers on and off and as long as I've minded my own business, there have been zero problems. But back then I was renting. I didn't care about stuff like property values, or stray bullets because we lived up on the 2nd and 3rd floor and the streets were fairly wide. Plus, this is New London, not Chicago or New York. Shootings almost exclusively happen between friends over money or love.

Part of the reason I got the place cheap is b/c the property values were driven down, I know that. Put it on a nicer street and it would be 100k more.

I'll have to pray, and sleep on it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New London

here is a link to the sailfest vid on the local paper's website.

Funny how things unfolded. I found I had 2 messages on my cell phone Friday morning. The first one was my realtor:

"Hey Pam, just checking in to tell you that the bank countered with $$$$ .. let me know what you would like to do." (So I am thrilled b/c that was my target price! Happiness ensued!!)

Phone: next message:

My aunt Bev's voice comes on, and she takes a serious tone. "Pamela, your mother's in the hospital."

So I was thrilled about getting a price settled on the house for about um, 4 seconds. Eh, no biggie. That's been the story of my life.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

another lovely Janet Bell painting

This art by Janet Bell sums up why I am moving. I know every day isn't pretty. Sea air can be the coldest air there is, but when it's a good day, it's heavenly.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

housenumber4 update

Back in May I saw a 4 bedroom house in New London. Now, the listing had been showing up in my searches for the home, but I discounted it over and over again, until one day..........

I took a chance and saw it. My realtor and I had trouble finding it because it's on a somewhat secluded 1 way street. (bonus) It turned out to be a remodeled federal with hard woods, new tilt out windows, gas heat and a fireplace. Oh and off street parking too. (bonus bonus bonus bonus)

So I bid. The bank said it was such a low bid they wouldn't condescend to reply. I walked away and saw a few more houses.

Well.... This past Monday the bank decided to drop the price of the house from 150k to 132,8something. I resubmitted my bid, they counter offered a great price, and I accepted.


Friday, July 11, 2008

House 9

House 9
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This might wind up being home if choice number 1 (aka house number 4) falls through.

It's on a quarter acre and is already set up as a 2 family, with plenty of off street parking, gas heat, remodeled 2nd floor unit, on a main bus route and 1/2 mile from down town.


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I'm waiting to hear on this one. It has my heart. Not sure if it's because it's so close to the waterfront of Long Island Sound, or because it's steps to the bus and train station, as well as having salty air and seagulls cries coming all the time. I sort of love this house a little bit.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

home maybe

home maybe
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Putting an offer in today or tomorrow. It depends on what the realtor comes back with re: washer/dryer hookups.

The place has all my main requirements: family neighborhood on a bus line, gas heat, two decent sized apartments, off street parking, a yard, newer windows and roof, and the price is good.

And, the part of town it sits in is called "Greeneville". So, I'm going Green, maybe.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Stopped by to say hi to the MOM-ster yesterday and..

somehow we had words and then....
.... tempers flared. I got upset. She got upset. My kids got upset.

It didn't go well. Not at all.

Friday, July 04, 2008

young giraffe rubbing against its mother

"my...*sigh*.... Mommy..." Nothing felt so good as to lay my head on my Mom's arm when I sat next to her. Half way through the public talk I got heavy-eyed, and minutes later I remember needing to rest my head on her soft arm. I didn't care that the man on the stage worked on his talk, overcame nerves to stand up there and deliver it, and might be offended.

She was ok with it until I was 9 or 10. That was pretty much the only time we could be very near to her. Once we weren't toddlers anymore she couldn't stand having us 'laying all over her.' I think she just didn't like us anymore.

Nowadays, I still have 'kids' plopping on top of me. Tiffany is famous for it. As long as she minds her knees and elbows, it's fine. I hope they will always want to sit on my lap, or lay her legs across mine on the couch, or put her head on my shoulder. Cara is over 6 feet tall, and she too will flop down, crushing me for a minute but I don't really mind as long as I can breathe. Mom's are for flopping on, that's what I say.

Just not when we're at a public talk and someone is delivering a discourse that they wrote. Cuz that's sorta rude.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pay it Forward. Seriously, do it.

I saw this on little z's blog, and was tempted to comment there BUT she already has somone from the U.S. signed up, and I don't want her to have to send 2 gifts over seas. So I decided to just initiate this myself without expecting anything in return, so here goes.

Copied from Little Z's blog:

There is a new ('s new for me) thing going on in Blogger-land. It's meant to spread some happiness and handmade giving into the world. Here are the rules:

The promise: "I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don't know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog."

So....Pay It Forward!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

5 post card swap

5 post card swap
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Wha's that? You say you only can count 4 blurry post cards? WHY ... you're absolutely right!

No offence to the responsible, kindhearted people on Swap Bot that are great swappers, but it's been very dicey an experience for me so I'm not signing up for any more.

More often than not I have been matched with people who have flaked on (in Swap Bot-speak that means they didn't live up to their part of the swapping bargain... getting but not ever sending, etc.) 3 or more of their last Swap sign ups.

So, yea. 4 post cards received. I sent 5.

Um, and there's the person who will not be sending me any cupcake toppers.She has flaked on her last 3 swaps so I am not even checking the mail for them. I sent out 24 toppers to someone in Florida who kindly pointed out my error in misreading the Swap rules, so she is supposed to have not the 12 I made and sent, but indeed she is correct, I need to send her another 12 to fulfill the Swap rules so that she can give me a good rating, OTHERWISE she might be responsible for causing my sterling 5.0 rating to drop a little. But I am still not getting any cupcake toppers anyway.

For a Threads Swap, I sent out 3 good quality spools of new thread, monochromatic blue/greeny shades, AND just because I am a giver, I included a fat quarter of 'aquarium' printed fabric and a pretty
button. Hopefully the receiver is sewing her dear heart out over there in Japan. Back here in the USA, there's no thread in my mailbox because the sender is late, she's also very sorry, and she appreciates my patience.

(*This is where I am hitting ENTER hard twice)

So, it's getting late and I wait. Much like Chuck Norris, I don't sleep.... I wait. Sorry, every so often I remember that web page about Chuck Norris and I quote it, to take the edge off. Check Chuck out. Funny stuff.

And who am I kidding. I need to squeeze every penny out of my butt to cover college costs for the next 8 or 9 months. Then there's the Orlando trip to save up for, what with a villa and the cost of attractions. We're all going, did I tell you?

What's the story?

During the past 46 years, I've lived in Connecticut. I've traveled up and around the U.S. and to Puerto Rico, and loved every minute. I've had 4 children who are now fantastically talented adult artists and comedians. I've been married and then divorced and then engaged and then single and finally *big sigh* content. I've grown into a darn good nurse, cook, seamstress, and Mom.

Maybe one of these days I'll get this 'writing' thing down, too.

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