Monday, January 21, 2008

WDW dreamin'

It will be 9 months until we go to Orlando. The time will fly up until around August. Hopefully I will have made enough money to pay for the trip by then.

We're budgeting and hoping for the best. This week we will make best case and worst case scenario plans. Best = fly, parks, shows etc. Worst = drive, bbq at the timeshare, beer at the pool. And if I get to hang out in Orlando for a week by the heated pool, drinking bud and eating grilled hot dogs and burgers, then there's really no down side here.

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During the past 46 years, I've lived in Connecticut. I've traveled up and around the U.S. and to Puerto Rico, and loved every minute. I've had 4 children who are now fantastically talented adult artists and comedians. I've been married and then divorced and then engaged and then single and finally *big sigh* content. I've grown into a darn good nurse, cook, seamstress, and Mom.

Maybe one of these days I'll get this 'writing' thing down, too.

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