Saturday, January 05, 2008

mm retro apron front

mm retro apron front
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went to see my Mama today. she liked my apron. actually, i WORE it over there, and first words she said were 'oh that's really cute!' but when i tried to give it to her she said:

'no no, i already have way too much stuff.'

may the lord strike me dead on the spot if i ever refuse a handmade gift from one of my children. EVER.

i guess i'm just foolish for being suprised or hurt. i mean, it's just an apron. she isn't herself. and.. that means i can either keep it or give it to my Cara Mia.


Lotta said...

Maybe it was her version of "That's too nice to wear!" and she knows how much work you put into it?

It's a gorgeous apron if that's any consolation!

linda t said...

Oh my gosh, I am so seriously going to go out and get that pattern!!
Great job! Love the fabric you chose!
If I was your Mom, I would have nabbed it in a New York minute!
Oh, and about your machine... I have a real old Kenmore that I LOVE!! I bought it in 1978!!! Well, when mine starts running like a Mac Truck, I have to oil the machine. Just follow the instructions in the manual... very simple... or take it to a repair place and have them oil and clean it. SOOO worth it, cuz it will purr like a kitten after that!!! I do it once a year.

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