Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kenmore touch n sew 768 ala Geico-style

Kenmore touch n sew 768
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this post will proceed in the same manner as a Geico commercial:

*Pam is a real person, so we've hired Donna Summer to tell her story*

me: my kenmore touch n sew was my first sewing machine. i got it from ebay for a great price.

Donna Summer: She works hard for the money, sooo hard for it honey!

me: the only concern i have is that it is a little loud when it sews sometimes

Donna Summer: yea, it's sewing really loud, really really really loud on the radio-ooo-oo on the radio (sparkle of the disco ball gleams off her super glossy lip gloss)

me: all in all I love her. I've finished shopping for machines. This is my last one.

Donna Summer: (music gets louder and she starts dancing funky) Laast Chaannnccee for LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!

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