Saturday, January 05, 2008

mom and child book

mom and child book
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i'm going thru with it. yes, ebay, i am ready to try the terrible japanese pattern book, complete with 55 different patterns (in metric and japanese) for clothes, purses and crafts.

they say that the most important steps for sewing happen before you ever take the first stitch, and I agree:
sharp scissors, check
plenty of tracing paper, check
tylenol, check
camomile tea, check
big box of tissues, check
pint of bourbon, check.

all set = )


Minismama said...

I just stumbled over your great blog - could you please tell me a little more about the patterns in this book and where you found it or maybe the ISDN-Number?

I have an 2yr-old girl and would love to sew something like the shirt on the book cover for the two of us!

With best regards from Germany,


coquet's cache said...

hi Kati!

there are many clothing patterns that would be good for both Mom and child. it is all in metric measurements, well illustrated, but the descriptive words are not english so I am not able to read the 'names' of items that are needed.

so far i have made only one small skirt, but it has been easy for me by looking at the pictures.( i am an intermediate seamstress )

I found the book on ebay. It has full size pattern pieces tht you can pull out and use, or you can draft your own by using the illustrations and metric measurements provided.

give it a whirl! i got the book from an ebay seller, here is a link to one of her items with very clear pictures and great items to make also so I hope I could help.


Minismama said...

Hi Pam,

thank you so much for the detailed information about this book and the link to the ebay store.

It sounds really great!

I subscribed to your blog to see more of the cute things you sew from this book!

Thanks again,


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