Tuesday, July 01, 2008

5 post card swap

5 post card swap
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Wha's that? You say you only can count 4 blurry post cards? WHY ... you're absolutely right!

No offence to the responsible, kindhearted people on Swap Bot that are great swappers, but it's been very dicey an experience for me so I'm not signing up for any more.

More often than not I have been matched with people who have flaked on (in Swap Bot-speak that means they didn't live up to their part of the swapping bargain... getting but not ever sending, etc.) 3 or more of their last Swap sign ups.

So, yea. 4 post cards received. I sent 5.

Um, and there's the person who will not be sending me any cupcake toppers.She has flaked on her last 3 swaps so I am not even checking the mail for them. I sent out 24 toppers to someone in Florida who kindly pointed out my error in misreading the Swap rules, so she is supposed to have not the 12 I made and sent, but indeed she is correct, I need to send her another 12 to fulfill the Swap rules so that she can give me a good rating, OTHERWISE she might be responsible for causing my sterling 5.0 rating to drop a little. But I am still not getting any cupcake toppers anyway.

For a Threads Swap, I sent out 3 good quality spools of new thread, monochromatic blue/greeny shades, AND just because I am a giver, I included a fat quarter of 'aquarium' printed fabric and a pretty
button. Hopefully the receiver is sewing her dear heart out over there in Japan. Back here in the USA, there's no thread in my mailbox because the sender is late, she's also very sorry, and she appreciates my patience.

(*This is where I am hitting ENTER hard twice)

So, it's getting late and I wait. Much like Chuck Norris, I don't sleep.... I wait. Sorry, every so often I remember that web page about Chuck Norris and I quote it, to take the edge off. Check Chuck out. Funny stuff.

And who am I kidding. I need to squeeze every penny out of my butt to cover college costs for the next 8 or 9 months. Then there's the Orlando trip to save up for, what with a villa and the cost of attractions. We're all going, did I tell you?

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