Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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I've said it before, so don't mind me please if I repeat myself and say I will miss this apartment when I finally do buy a house.

Things to do like swimming in the pool across the street with the kids, sometimes for hours. We talk, float, get a cold drink from the Coke vending machine. there is a bath house, and we can use the restrooms or showers with confidence 'cuz they are kept clean. Sometimes I sneak in white wine in a thermos container. We sit around the pool and soak up the rays or read or snooze a bit. I'm so proud of the kids, they are happy, and we are usually being silly and relaxed and people just enjoy watching us.

Or just gazing out the windows on a sunny day at well maintained grounds with the red cardinals and purple trees, these things feel so much like home now. Walking just across the street to
the Shop Rite, or the bank or pharmacy is sometimes done in our slippers.

I have great neighbors in this building, and we all get along well while minding our own business. No one has ever so much as asked to borrow an egg in the 4 years I've been here.

So, I am thinking very hard about moving. Once I give up this apartment I will not get it back. Frankly, if the rent doesn't go up much each year, I could honestly be happy to live here another 7 years, and then go into a 55+ retirement community.

Otis Library, in it's new and beautifully improved digs is 2 miles from here. Across the street from Otis is the YMCA with a pool and recently updated fitness machines. There's a fantastic resturant called The Red House, a dunkin' donuts, and a pawn shop downtown, also. And the post office is there.

Hmm indeed.

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