Tuesday, March 25, 2008

property virgin here *waving sheepishly*

Ok, today was my first day of house hunting and it went really well. Weather, buyer's agent, and the lock boxes at the houses were all good.

House number one:

Great location, smallish 3 bedroom with 1/2 acre in a desireable township, near everything. BIG 2 car garage, also. Drawbacks: super narrow stairwell to the bedrooms, awkward layout of stove, fridge, sink, and NO counter space. The only option is to put a table near the stove to work on, but then the table would be in front of the fireplace. Keeping it on the list.

House number two:

**BUZZZ!** No go, standing water in the basement. Very moldy. Nothing updated, shingles falling off roof.

House number three:

Super cute smallish 2 family. In my price range. Great yard (I really like a craggy, cliffy yard with remnants of old foundations exposed, etc.) with most of it behind the house rather than in front. Huge dry basement for storeage. New appliances, new windows, new heating system... you get the picture. BUT! It has one drawback. Parking on the street. No garage, no driveway, and you have to climb 6 steps to get to the front door. So, it's on the list, but I'm not making an offer yet.

Very productive day, in that I finally have a couple of dollars in the bank, and have been temporarily approved for a small mortgage with down payment assistance. And, my buyers agent is a doll! As a matter of fact, we are spiritual sisters! Neat, huh?

Enjoy the weather guys. I'm letting my dinner settle.

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