Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Building 7

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Here's the front door to our building.

Getting prequalified for a mortgage puts things in perspective. And it made me question my decision to move. I can't duplicate this qualitly of life if I own my own home here in Norwich. But I also will need different living arrangements.

Rents have become more expensive than mortgages this past year. Economically it makes sense to get a little place now.

I certainly will miss living in a quiet building with nice neighbors. I'll miss the new inground pool and pool house. I'll miss the conveniences.

I won't miss having to share my bathroom, and no place to sit down and eat a meal. I won't miss the lack of storage.

Another, bigger apartment will literally be the same as a mortgage with the taxes and ins. rolled in.


Margiana said...

That is also why we decided to buy an apartment.. the rent prices are high and if I have to pay...well.. better pay for something that you can also own. Good luck.

Jules said...

Well good luck with the new place. And YAY for new places and fresh faces!

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