Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Funny... usually.

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This is a GREAT photo. I love that the boy is laughing open mouthed at something he finds obviously hysterical. The girl is amused as well, but she is intent on keeping her eyes open while she enjoys the humor.

it reminds me of when I was out earlier today. Something funny was said. I was driving. As we all know, laughter is the best medicine, and good for the soul, which I agree with in theory.

But I was driving. And laughing alot like this boy. I couldn't help it. My son retold me a story and it was THAT funny. So funny in fact that my eyeballs nearly burst out of my skull from the force of my hysterical laughter. I think I pulled a gut muscle or something. We almost died in a car accident.

Then I stopped laughing, wiped the tears away. popped my eyeballs back into the sockets and thought a 'sad thought' untiil we arrived at our destination in one piece.

Now don't let this stop you from cracking a joke next time the mood strikes. Just don't do it while someone else is driving.

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