Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Living Room - 3

Living Room - 3
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Here's the thing.....

When ever I contemplate decorating with an island or 'tiki' theme, I start thinking about vacations. Then, well, I sit down to really enjoy meditating on the memories of Puerto Rico and Florida etc etc. I might even log on and browse pix of such things and then nothing gets done.

Can you imagine how totally unproductive I would be if I was actually living in a room with tropical themed pieces? And colors? And maybe some slack key guitar music and cocoanut air freshener?

Just because the people across the street have already painted a large mural on their house with palm trees and a sandy beach doesn't mean I could get anything done if my living room suggested the great room of a fantastic Polynesian hotel. Theres *already* going to be salty sea breezes coming into the windows. You couldn't pry me out of there if I had wicker furniture and a CD playing Mitzi Gaynor's "Gonna wash that man right outta my hair" in the background. Go to work? What, not when there is pineapple juice to drink and hula lessons to be had.

I wonder where I can get a vintage South Pacific movie poster?

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Pfeiffer Photos said...

Oooo...liking all this mid century modern furniture in this photo (left a comment for the Flickr stream you found it on as well! :-)

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