Thursday, October 18, 2007

from myspace blog 10/07/07

So, maybe I learned something while teaching? Being a student is the first lesson in teaching anything, and let me say I was definately schooled.

1. Never 'work' for a friend.

a. even if the friend is not a terribly close friend.

b. even if you are convinced they are going to be fair and ethical.

c. even if you are out of steady work and need the money.

2. Teaching in a proper classroom setting is different than 'training.'

a. the more money students pay for the class, the more they seem to feel the grade was bought and not earned.

b. smarter person does not necessarily make a better student.

c. did I mention I realized I had no experience teaching, but lots in training?

3. Feel sorry for anyone who will need to have blood drawn inside on New London County for the next 20 or so years.

a. the phlebotomist student who was/is an volunteer emt USUALLY thinks they already know it all and didn't pay attention in class.

b . going on their test grades, I wouldn't allow them to hand me a bandaid, nevermind poke me with a sharp object.

c. again, pity the poor foo' who needs blood drawn. encourage them to take large amounts of GermAway before having the test done.

So, as you surely have realized by now, I am NOT teaching anything to anyone else. I am simply learning. And that's all I plan to do from now on. Oh, and it would be nice to find a steady job, 32 hours on 3-11. Everywhere I apply isn't calling me back. I'm at the top of the pay scale, and they want the young'uns.

In the mean time, I am teaching myself how to quilt and will be making/selling fantastic one-of-a-kind tote bags pretty quick.

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