Monday, June 01, 2009

sad, very sad

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this is me. and i'm smiling but actually in this picture, there is a sad situation going on.

this person, me, was not taking care of herself. she was focusing more on the things she did wrong or nevr got around to.

now, using sparkpeople, that mindset is changing. positives are going to count for double what anything negative is worth. no, my blog is not going to be me crying about my relationship with food, or how being single and almost 50 and no grandbabies is making me depressed. cuz it's actually not.

whatever was making me so neglectful toward my own wellbeing has sort of vanished in a poof and now things are diffrent every day because i am not 'weight loss' oriented or 'work out oriented.'

i am just going to give myself permission to respect myself and my body every day.

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Margiana said...

hi, ciao, I haven't read your blog for a while... but I love this post. Hope all is well and always getting better :-)

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